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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Button!!

Dear Button,

Today is your first birthday!! Congratulations on being such a big boy! We are so proud of you and we love you so much. We wish, more than anything we have ever wished for, that we had been able to be with you on this very special day but we celebrated your life and your other parent's lives and we sent all our thoughts and prayers to you. Since you can't be with us for this birthday we are glad that you are getting to spend it with your wonderful foster parents who love you so very very much. We are also happy to know that, since we are still apart, at least you were able to spend your first birthday in beautiful Thailand!

We want you to know that we think of you every day. Really every hour. But you have never been more in our thoughts and hearts than on your birthday. What a celebration!! The day that your beautiful mother brought you into the world. We are so grateful to have you as our son. Our first-born son. No parents have ever been luckier.

Happy birthday, Button!
Daddy and Mommy


Nichole and Craig said...

Happy 1st birthday Button

Jessica said...

What beautiful birthday wishes! Happy Birthday, Button.

Matt and Tiffany McClain said...

Happy Birthday Button!! I know your mommy and daddy wish they could spend it with you but they will have many, many more birthday celebrations to lavish you with kisses and gifts and love. Can't wait to meet you! You are going to have two little girls fighting for your attention! :)

Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

Dear Parents of Button,
I hope this isn't weird, but I have a home in Northern Thailand, on the outskirts of Chiang Mai. Most of the year it sits empty. Should you need a place to stay ( and of course I don't know where Button is) you are welcome to my house. It is big and spacious and comfortable. You can contact my email on my blog..


Maci Miller said...

What a wonderful post for him to read someday! You are really such a great mommy already! So good to catch up with you yesterday!

Ellie said...

Our babies share a common birthday. Happy Birthday, Button and Lily!

rosemary said...

Dear Ellie,

Happy Birthday to Lily!! I know how hard it is to be away from her on her special day but what a wonderful Mommy you are and next year you will be together. It's fun that she and Button are birthday buddies!

Sue May said...

Hi Brian & Rosemary,
what a lovely way to say we are thinking of you your nw little darling will have something wonderful to look back on in the years ahead.
I have just started your blog and have started following yours please feel free to have a look and chat at

Sue May
rockhampton Qld Aust
Mum to Jarryd 10 & Jumbo-Dylan 6
and waiting for Abbey & Georgia

Mireille said...

I have been without an internet connection for more than a week and catching up just now. Happy Happy Birthday Button!! What a special day!

Yoli said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday dear little boy!