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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Sleep Sheep

This is my favorite thing that Button owns so far. His Gai Gai bought it for him and I think it is the most adorable (and practical) little guy ever. You can find them at Pottery Barn Kids and they're available in two sizes. Button received the travel sleep sheep, which we are hoping will help soothe him while we are in Thailand. They are suppossed to be wonder workers.

"This cuddly companion features four soothing sounds that will gently help your baby fall asleep. These include mother’s heartbeat, spring showers, ocean surf and whale songs. Comes with a removable sound box with automatic shut-off timer, plus volume and on/off controls. A hook and tab on the back let you securely attach it to the outside of your baby’s crib. 100% polyester fiberfill with plush polyester shell. Proven safe and effective, and winner of an iParenting Media Award." -PBK website



Jessica said...

So soft and cuddly. Hope it delivers as promised!

Yoli said...

It is beautiful! Looks so soft and cuddly. I want to send you something for button too! I have a little boy myself. There are some clothes he wore only once and are in pristine condition. If that sort of thing does not offend you, I would like to send them your way.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I hope it works well! Our equivalent was the CD "Chinese Lullabies" by the Beijing Angelic Choir. The Tongginator fell asleep to that music EVERY night for over three years.

Maci Miller said...

Oh, that is the cutest thing ever!! How sweet! But hey, help me on this one...what is Gai Gai? I thought Gai was chicken??? Trying to work a lot more on my Thai and think I am getting more confused instead, haha.

Sweet, sweet gift! Looking forward to catching up soon. We are over-due for a phone call! Try you later.

rosemary said...

Yoli, I would not be offended at all!! I love hand-me-downs. Reduce, Re-use, re-cycle! Plus, children wear clothes for such a short amount of time it's just practical. Thanks for thinking of us! Let me know how I can send you our address.

Kim Hancock said...

He'll love it! A little Norah Jones also works wonders!

Ellie said...

That's so adorable, Rosemary! Love it!

rosemary said...

Jen, LOL!! You are absolutely right Gai is chicken in thai, but Gai Gai is what all the grandkids in our family call my mom. My brother's oldest little boy couldn't say grandma and that is what came out. The name just stuck. I never even thought about it translating to chicken-chicken. That's too funny!

Yes, we are way overdue for a phone call!!