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Monday, August 3, 2009

The view from here

From the day we started this adoption I kept telling myself we just have to get through to the referral. We just have to make it that far. I worried this was a bad strategy because I kept hearing people who had already completed their adoptions saying, "It gets so much harder once you have their picture and you know what and who you're missing." All the same though, I just tried to keep going through the seemingly endless wait for a referral by thinking once we get there it will all be so much better.

Well here we are.

It feels different than I thought it would feel. I've had a hard time blogging recently because I absolutely feel as if I've been struck dumb with the weight of emotions I've been carrying around. Like I said earlier, I didn't expect to feel like this. I knew I would love Button I just thought that this desperate, mind-sucking, all encompassing love would wait, at least, until I had met him. That only seems fair! Instead, here I am incapable of doing anything to care for him and it's pretty much all I want to do. Yes, it's fair to say I did not know the post-referral wait would feel like this.

However, for all of you who are starting to get depressed, there is good news!

Getting a referral has definitely made me feel like there is actually a light at the end of the never-ending adoption tunnel. I wake up every day and definitely experience that, "Hell yeah, we are almost out of here!" taste of victory. The referral has also given me a real sense of validation as a mother. I used to feel so awkward when people would ask us if we were starting a family. And they always ask, don't they? Because I knew that if I said, "Well, we're adopting..." then it was going to get some huge reaction, either positive or negative, and a bunch of questions that I couldn't answer. Now though when people ask if we have kids I just head it all off at the pass. "Why yes we do. We're adopting a beautiful, little 11-month-old boy from Thailand. His name is XXXXXXX. Would you like to see a picture?" I do not flounder. I am awesomely in control of the situation. I am a Mommy.

Having a referral has also brought me the ability to plan. Adoption is all about NOT being in control. Ever. Over anything. For me, it's been a very hard lesson in surrender but hopefully I'm a better person for it. However, I am so pleased to know the sex and age of my child. To have a basic idea of a "due date". To be able to think about nursery ideas and winter coats and wooden airplanes. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to finally plan for our baby and this stage of the adoption has gifted me that along with the crushing love and overwhelming worry.

If you are still waiting, then don't be afraid to count down until referral. It's a whole new world on this side. If you are on my time-line, then good Lord, call me up and tell me what you're packing because I seem to be losing my mind these days!



Jessica said...

This is good to hear. I think. I feel like a date certain and a person certain will make all the difference I need. Let's see if I say that post-referral. Happy Button planning and preparing!

Chris and Terri said...

This could very easily be posted on my blog too! It's definitely different post-referral - better sometimes, worse sometimes - but always different because we have a face.

PS - I have no idea what I'm taking. I think 4-6 bottles will be on the list. Pacifier - can't decide. She's probably never had one so why start, right? I don't know they sure come in handy at times. Stacking cups and suckers (even though I hate suckers and my boys never had them becuase I am scare to death they will choke!!!)

Yoli said...

Just you wait dear Rosemary! Boys and their Moms, it is just magic. When you get your hands on him, when he looks into your eyes, all you have gone through will pale. I am so happy for you.

Sarah said...

Roses, you are a Mommy! And such a thoughtful one. I have to confess the hardest time of the whole adoption was when we received our first update, months after we'd been matched. That's when I realized how much we were 'missing' and how much S had grown without us to witness and share it all. I was unexpectedly crushed. But all that went away when, months later, we met her magical foster family. To know that they were with her and were loving her and laughing with her made it all seem circular and healing. So many surprising emotions is this adoption world. xoxo