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Monday, February 15, 2010

World Elephant Polo Association

Most of the time I am gloriously happy with my life. I have Brian and Button and a content spirit so the whole thing works out pretty well but I have to admit to you, dear internet strangers, that occasionally I happen across something that just makes me itch for a different set of circumstances.

Allow me to introduce you to the ladies of the World Elephant Polo Association. I am not making this nonsense up! These adventurous women (and men) travel to exotic countries, don spiffing uniforms, climb onto the backs of elephants and play polo (on very big fields). Yes, the whole thing does reek of colonialism and while I normally would eschew any club of such an obviously "exclusive" mentality let us remind ourselves that since this is my FANTASY sport we don't need to worry about any of that. My whole life, I've been looking for an activity that would allow me to dress fabulously, keep a pachyderm as a pet, and exercise as little as possible - I absolutely cannot believe I've finally found it. The girls of WEPA actually practice for their matches by riding on top of slow moving Jeep's and hitting soccer balls with their giant mallet-thingies. Doesn't that sound hilarious? This is the sport for me!!

This is a youtube compilation video of some of the highlights from Thailand's King's Cup elephant polo Tournament in HuaHin. Very Interesting!

Now all I have to do is get freakin' super rich, buy an elephant (best part of all), hire a trainer, fly all over Asia for "the season" and get in with the classy WEPA crowd. I'm sure they would just love to have me. Who else is up for it? As long as we can get 6 ladies we can form our own team!



Jessica said...

How on earth have I never heard of this sport before? I'm IN. I always knew I had an inner athlete.

Robin and Kyle said...

As long as I don't have to clean up after the elephant, I am IN!

Kerrie (and Jason) said...

And you know what looks even better about it? You don't even have to know how to be a mahout - they appear to have a 'driver' already! :)

Maci Miller said...

HIlarious! As long as I have an excuse to buy a fancy new outfit for the occasion I'm in! (I once joined the ski club just so I could buy one of those cute snow bunny outfits!) Yes. I really did. The excitement for actually skiing (and being cold) didn't last too long. Maybe the view from the elephants will keep me motivated.:-)

Unknown said...

totally, love elephants. I will make sure to feed mine extra treats so it doesn't get mad and stomp on my do they travel around the world with the same elephants? If so, how much you think it costs to fly an elephant?

Mireille said...

LOL, only in the land of smiles!!