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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Crib Bedding!

The crib bedding arrived! I have been waiting forever for this stuff to get here so it's a major deal. First of all it took me months to decide on what I wanted and I annoyed everyone I knew by switching paint colors and refusing to decide on a "theme", colors or bedding until the last minute. Hence, our unfinished nursery now in the final weeks before leaving to pick up Button. If you are waiting to adopt a child learn from my crazy and try not to do this. I spent hours one afternoon torturing my very patient (and talented) Aunt Karen who looked at swatches of everything with me and I still couldn't decide. Then the angels sang and trumpets blared and I saw this by Argington:

I fell in love with the clean graphic print and the bright colors. Plus, Brian and I both loved the fact that it was gender neutral. Beside all that, there was something about the design that kept whispering memories of Thailand to me. Maybe it's the mosaic of tropical flowers or the bird silhouettes flying across the pattern but it says home to me.

So now that it's all here I better get off this blog and hurry up and get the kiddos bedroom finished!



chaniemom said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the completed room. I only painted the room and had a few things. After all, my daughter came at an age when she had an opinion about how she'd like to decorate her room. So, it's ended up going with a Hello Kitty theme since Penny started letting us know what she liked. She even bought her own sheets and comforter with her allowance money.

Deena said...

"I like it, it says home to me."
It's no wagon wheel coffee table but I guess button will like it ;-)
Love you Rosie

Mireille said...

BEAUTIFUL, I love it. And yes... to me it is the orange... the robes of the monks that reminds me of lovely Thailand.

Jessica said...

Ohh, I like it. It does have a tropical feel that is Thailandesque. Can't wait to see the room!

rosemary said...

LOL, Dee! You're right it's definitely no wagon wheel coffee table but I make do.

Unknown said...

love the colors!! can't wait to pictures of the nursery!!

Maci Miller said...

It's beautiful! Great choice!

Yoli said...

It is lovely, you have exquisite taste.

Chris and Terri said...

Love it! How's the room coming? I want pictures!