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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Can this be happening?

In three weeks we will be in Thailand. What a completely stunning notion.

We will have survived the trip. Which in case you are our curious our round trip schedule includes: a 45 minute flight to Charlotte, a 1 hr layover, a 7 hr flight to LA where we spend the night with my dearest friend Brittany to break up the trip and rest a bit (fatigue is VERY BAD for my seizure threshold). The next morning we board an 18 hour non-stop flight to Bangkok.

We have purchased our plane tickets. We have made our hotel reservations. We have emailed old friends in Chiang Rai and told them to expect three! We are making the much dreaded trek to Ikea this weekend. Button has a pediatrician's appointment for the week after homecoming. We have our first post-placement social worker visit scheduled for two weeks after we get home. We have booked the cat-sitter. The Duchess is picking us all three up from the airport and bringing us home to a warm, food-filled house!

The arrangements are all made. Now why do I feel so completely unprepared and confused? I woke up at 4:00am last night. Stress insomnia; my old friend. Before we got married I practically stopped sleeping all together and lost ten pounds for no other reason than forgetting to eat. I wasn't scared to marry Brian - Brian was my person always had been - I just didn't know how to be married. That's how I feel now. I'm not scared to be Button's mom because he is already my son. I'm just afraid I don't really know how to do the job justice.



Anonymous said...

It's all happening! :)

Don't worry. You will "do the job justice."

Terribly proud of and happy for you, Brian and Button.

This is incredible.


Wyndee said...

I felt unprepared and confused the ENTIRE time we were in Bangkok. I felt like I wandered around and cried the majority of the time---- it's such an emotional trip.

Having said that, we muddled through and you will too!!! Just keep thinking of holding that precious baby in your arms and you'll get by.... I promise!

Jessica said...

It's a beautiful moment when it all comes together. What a great momma you are and will continue to be. The best is yet to come!

Wendy said...

I've been a mom for 18 years, and I can assure you that being a parent is always fraught with questions and self-doubt at every stage. You're NORMAL! All you can do is the best for your child(ren). Wyndee is right. You just make it through. You do what you have to do. You will be FINE! Just enjoy the heck out that trip to Thailand. It's a wild and wonderful ride! Congratulations! The day is almost here.

Kerrie (and Jason) said...

If you weren't nervous I would be more concerned. I think every Mum to be would be going through the same thing and so do Dads to be.

All the best and relax!!!!! Button will be in your arms soon.

chaniemom said...

I lost the ten pounds after coming home. The good part is that I haven't gained it back, even though I feel like we're over the worst part of the tress of all the newness.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'll let you in on a little secret: none of us know what the heck we are doing! We can only do the best we know how and remain humble through the process, so that we can learn how to do better. Nerves are normal - you'll be fine. (((hugs)))

Megan said...

That feeling alone will make you a great mom! Your mama instincts will kick in naturally. And there are many here to support you in whatever way we can. We have all been there!
So excited for you!!


Kiy said...

Long time lurker popping in to /wave. I am very excited for you, I so remember that feeling - excited, scared, thrilled, terrified ... what the heck am I doing?! But, it all fell into place once they put our little darling into my arms - and it will for you too. I can't wait to read your journey!

Cheers, Kiy

P.S. An hour's hop to Charlotte? I wonder if we live 'relatively' close? :)

Maci Miller said...

Oh, Rosemary, you will be GREAT! Probably one of the best mommas out there! You care SO much. You read and research and give so much of yourself to whatever you are doing and especially to this baby you have waited to have for so long. I know this feeling. I was the same way. But trust me, you will just fall in step and it will be the most wonderful, natural feeling on earth. So darn excited for you!!!!

florence said...

Hello rosemary, me you remecies for your comment on my blog. It is with pleasure that I would follow your journey in Thailande. we are at present has 11 months of wait since the sending of our file and in France we prevoit us a delai of 36 months I thus have even a lot of time in front of me and grace has you, I can rever a little bit
well debut of week
(sorry for my english, i'm not a pro)

Chris and Terri said...

You are going to be a great mom!

I miss Thailand so much. Take it all in esp your first visit and the foster family's home.

If he cries at your first meeting, go straight to the window and show him the world. It calmed Mia down pretty quickly. Mia also loved bubbles and was scared of toys that made sounds.

Jeremy said...

yes, there will probably be many times that you will think "what the ---- am I doing????" and "i have no idea of what I am doing" .... but I agree with Wendy- it's normal, and despite the feelings I am sure you will do great!
safe and sweet travel wishes to you and Brian!

Mireille said...

I know you will do fine, so only for me to say. have a safe and wonderful trip. Can't wait to read more about this beautiful little boy and finally see some (more) pics!! Hope you will enjoy my package :-)

Ann and Bryan said...

Bryan and I are currently experiencing the same feelings...exhilaration and nervousness beyond belief. But we'll all be fine and the parenting will come as we need it to. Good luck and have fun on your journey!!!