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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How we spent Button's Birthday

So I'm sure that by now you're all sick of hearing about Button's birthday but your first child only has their first birthday once so cut us some slack! All our family is very far away and we still don't really know many people here so, unfortunately, a party wasn't really in the cards.

So how did the proudest parents in the world celebrate Button's birthday proper? Build-a-Bear, of course! We purchased a very cute stuffed owl. R was convinced that a stuffed owl was much cooler than a plain old bear, and she managed to convince me, as she usually does. R felt that the owl looked ridiculous in any of the available outfits so she just "accessorized" him for quite some time. I have to admit though, it did turn out pretty cute. We put the little voice chips in his paws (wings?) - one sings happy birthday, and the other is our recorded voices saying, "We love you, XXXXXXX". If any of you haven't been suckered into Build-A-Bear yet then allow me to explain that you create your bear (owls?) birth certificate when you are done. When we filled out the certificate for Button's owl we named him "Nok" which we believe to mean "bird" in Thai. Cute, huh? We'll save his Owl to give him after he gets home with us but we hope it will be a sweet memento of his first birthday for him to keep.

After Build-a-Bear(Owl), we tried a new Thai restaurant in town, since none of the other ones we've been to have really impressed us. In an auspicious turn this one was excellent! Great food and nice ambiance, with very friendly Thai staff (not all of the Thai restaurants in small-town Virginia have Thai waiters or even cooks) who we talked to for a long time.

All in all, it was a good day. We hope our baby boy had a good day, too. We were very grateful on that day for his foster family, who have given him a loving family home to spend so much of his first year in and to celebrate his first birthday with.



Jessica said...

Glad Button's birthday celebration was a success. The owl looks so nice and soft. Hurray for good Thai food.

Yoli said...

Rosemary as usual is right! That owl is PERFECT and so cute! Happy Birthday to your sweet button!

Chris and Terri said...

How very cool! Love the owl!

Thought of you guys today as I got off task in Babys R Us and nearly lost it. I think I'm going to resort to online ordering. Hang in there on the hard days and know that even though we aren't close in proximity, I'm thinking about you guys hoping your preparation is going great!

J Yutzie said...

Our little boy turned 1 on August 19th, we also were creative in finding ways celebrate. It is hard to believe that he turned 1 without us. We hope to travel in early 2010. Any word for you guys?

Jason and Staci

Maci Miller said...

Oh how adorable! So darn cute! I can't believe how long it's been such I checked blogs. Sorry I missed wishing him a happy birthday. Love the Owl idea and calling it Nok! Yes, it does mean bird cause I have a friend who's nickname is Nok.
Talk to you guys when we get back!
Jen & Jeff