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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shopping fun

Guess what I found? Well, fine then, don't guess but at least look!

This cute little book just flew off the shelf at me and, of course, I had to have it for our Button. It's completely adorable! All the buttons are on brightly colored ribbons and toddlers can pop them in and out of the page's cute counting themed pictures. I'm thinking it will be a fun way to start learning his 1-10 in english.



a Tonggu Momma said...

We have this! And the Tongginator loved it. One word of advice, though... don't let him turn the pages when the buttons are in the slots. Because then the ribbons get tangled (VERY TANGLED). So start out teaching him to pop them in, then take them out, THEN turn the page. :)

Chris and Terri said...

What a cute book!! It's perfect!

I did a little research yesterday. The US Embassy Office is open both Thursdays in December. The day after the board meetings... so Holt said as long as they were open (for the VISA), "people" could travel. I am with you - I refuse to believe we won't go in December!

Ellie said...

That's ADORABLE!!! So perfect for your Button!