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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Update

I have struggled over whether or not to write this post but here I am. We decided to do this blog both as a record for Button and to actively join in the adoption community. In light of both of those goals we feel that this is important but I am going to work hard to maintain our son's privacy and not share too much.

You may have noticed that my regular blogging schedule has been interrupted in the past 2 weeks. That was partially due to a terrible work schedule but mostly due to a real emotional crisis that Brian and I were facing. In fact, I don't think I have ever been so frightened, so helpless, or so utterly without recourse.

Somehow we received Button's 9 month update extremely early. It came in long before expected and before most of our fellow PAP's updates arrived. At first we were thrilled to hear we had an update! We've been waiting months for new pictures of our son!! I couldn't wait to pass them around. But then several things were... of concern. Without reporting anything that could damage Button's complete privacy, we became VERY WORRIED that he was showing signs of a condition we knew he could easily have.

Everyone at Holt has really been amazing! We talked to Marissa several times and she has been nothing but kind and helpful. Working with our pediatrician, we sent a (short) list of simple, easily translatable questions to HSF to gain more information about our son's developmental status and they promptly responded with answers that have reassured us greatly. We are waiting for more info to come in soon, however, we feel much better now and we are expecting our God to continue to do great things for Button as He already has.

I want to say this though: Nothing could or would stop us from bringing our son home. Button is our child and that relationship is not contingent on his being in good health or being a genius or behaving well. It is simply a truth that cannot be erased. Button is our son whatever sort of little person he may be.

Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and all your positive thoughts. We are bringing our healthy, smart, brave little boy home by Christmas. We refuse to believe anything else.



Chris and Terri said...

You guys are already great parents! God Bless You! Sorry I think I sent you an email jammering on about your 9 month update coming and had you heard??? Hope I didn't cause you additional emotional trauma! Didn't mean to. YOU ARE RIGHT!!! Our babies ARE coming home in December (unless earlier) I also refuse to believe it won't happen!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Rosemary ~ We have been there. Our entire travel group received an update... except for us. That scared us. But we went. And when we arrived, we knew why they hadn't sent us an update.

For us, there were little to no long term challenges, but the first two years home were tough. But - like you - the Tongginator was our daughter. And we are so very blessed to parent her. When we arrived home, we didn't expect her to ever mainstream... yet she surprised everyone.

Hugs and prayers to you during this time.

blackbelt said...

Shock and concern are natural and appropriate reactions! Of course! So glad things seem better. We had a scare, too, before Boo came home. I totally understand.

Jessica said...

I was wondering where you were. Prayers and hugs to you, Brian and Button. Sounds like you and the pediatrician are on TOP of it. I'm sure that the combination of helplessness and distance was frightening though. Hopefully, its all over.

Matt and Tiffany McClain said...

You guys are in our prayers and you know we are always here for ya'll. God chose you guys as Buttons parents and like you said nothing is going to change that! We can't wait to meet him! He and Gracie are going to have so much fun together! :)

Yoli said...

I did not know. I am sorry you had this scare. We were totally surprised ourselves but committed to bring our son home. He has surprised us in ways that you could not imagine.

Wyndee said...

I'm so sorry you had a scare with Button's health. He will be perfect--- no matter what!!!

You know, once we received Sophie's referral we didn't get any updates at all--- none, nada, zilch. At the time I felt terribly robbed but looking back now I'm thankful for that lack of knowledge. And guess what? She's perfect too. :-)

Maci Miller said...

Hey, I'm so sorry to hear what you've been going through. Been completely out of the loop and as Ruby is fast asleep I thought I'd catch up on a couple blogs. Whatever it is with Button, you two can handle it! You are wonderful, dedicated, and loving and that's all he really needs. The rest you will figure out and it's sounds like you've already got your doctor on it which is great. Wishing you and Brian peace while you wait. Much love from Thailand!

Melissa Ens said...

Isn't it shocking and almost crazy how intense our emotions and commitment are to these little people we don't even "know", have never seen or smelled or touched in person... I still can't get over how powerful it is. Even so long after our guy was finally in our arms I'm still amazed. : ) Glad you got through this and got information so quickly!!!!!

Mireille said...

It's a roller coaster, up and down. But I am glad you are in the up again! Keep on having faith, it will work out just fine!

Annie said...

I read this and I realized, this is not unlike the concerned "hmmm" from my OB when he looked at the sonogram of my son in utero. Then there was the explanation of the issue and the possible complications. Not life threatening, but worrisome non the less. Receiving a referral and health updates is just like check-ups while pregnant you know? We continue on and love and accept our child fully! Well, we gave birth to a healthy son, with a minor issue that healed itself over the next several months. Button will come home and you will work through any issues together as a family! I will be praying for full health for Button! God is good.