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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The year of the...

Even though we are practicing Christians, and intend to raise our children in our faith, we are trying to learn more about Buddhism so we can help our kids to understand it better.  Nearly 95% of Thailand's population is Buddhist and much of their culture has been informed by that faith.  We really can't see anyway to share Thailand with our children without giving them a working knowledge of Theravada Buddhism (the particular kind most frequently practiced in Thailand).  

We have been surprised to discover that many Americans don't realize that Buddhism has as many different types of beliefs and practices as Christianity does.  For instance, the Buddhism practiced by friends of ours in San Diego is as different from Vipasanna Buddhism of India as Pentecostals are from Roman Catholics.  It's not a faith that should be easily generalized.  It is very interesting for us to learn about the culture and long history of this ancient faith - especially as it pertains to Thailand.  

We did find this cool site that talks about Lanna Buddhism, which as we understand it, is frequently practiced in Northern Thailand and Burma.  In this tradition, every child is given an animal sign for the year of their birth and is meant to take a pilgrimage to the holy pagoda (or special wat) of their sign.  According to this listing, Rosemary is the year of the horse and should pilgrimage to a pagoda in Myanmar and Brian is the year of the goat and should travel to Chiang Mai.  The pagodas are beautifully designed, elaborate places of worship.  Pictured above is the entrance to the Wat Phra That Doi Tung located North of Chiang Rai.  Each pagoda is believed to hold a relic of the Buddha.  Wat Phra That Doi Tung is believed to have his collar bone.  

Here's the million dollar question though:  "What will be our baby's birth year?"  

- Brian and Rosemary


Maci Miller said...

Very cool that you guys are doing that. There is a book called Living Buddha, Living Christ that is a good one to compare the two religions and understand the things they have in common. Found a sweet children's book, too, called Buddha At Bedtime with sweet parables and a little "moral of the story" type lesson at the end of each. Very sweet.

Sorry that Loi Krathong came and went and we didn't get together! I totally forgot about it and am now on the road most of November. Hope you are doing well.

rosemary said...

Thanks, Jen for the book recommendations! I will be sure to check those out. We will have to meet up sometime soon.

Yoli said...

We are Catholics (non-practicing) and are raising our children Buddhists. It is very refreshing to see that you will be sharing the knowledge of Buddhism with your children.