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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fantastic Lullabyes

We haven't bought anything for our baby yet since we don't know who we are expecting or when they will arrive.  I must confess though - this has been really, REALLY hard for me.  We agreed though that buying a bunch of stuff this early would probably be a logistical mistake.  Especially since we are moving in 8 months.  So instead I have been doing "research" online.  I don't buy anything I just find all the stuff I want to buy and then take copious notes.  I'm afraid that this is going to result in even more purchases further down the road but at least I am managing to keep my desire to "mommy-shop" in check for the time being. 

Anyway, I found something so cute I just had to share.  There is this great website called Rockabye Baby where you can find tons of fantastic albums which have all been put through the  lullabye treatment for baby.  So now when you rock your little one to sleep instead of listening to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" over and over again you can enjoy the familiar tunes of U2 .  

The website is designed very well.  You can listen to a clip of each song in preview before you order the album and the cover art is cute too.  So even though I am being a good girl and not buying anything right now I suspect that we will end up owning a bunch of these.  At the very least a nice cross section like The Beatles, The Eagles and Bob Marley.  

- Rosemary


Maci Miller said...

LOL. I started by just "researching" too. You see how that's working out! Good luck! I have been out of control lately. Fully stocked the cabinet today with kids stuff and bought the cutest "Snow White as a baby" doll today. They brought out all the Christmas stuff! What was I to do??? I got all teary eyed at the Disney store and ended up buying yet another thing that I really didn't need yet.

Chris and Terri said...

My advice - don't buy the first thing. It's kind of like Halloween candy for me - if I eat one piece, I want the whole lot. I haven't bought any clothes and I think that's why I don't buy all the clothes! So you guys are moving to Lexington in June? We are 1 hour away from Lex. And if you are 3 months behind us, it's very likely we could be in the same referral quarter as we've requested a girl and may have to wait longer for her. We'll definitely have to stay in touch! So what's that do to your Dossier? Do you have to update a home study or anything? Enjoying your blog!

Mireille said...

Wow, you are so good not buying anything! I don't know if I could do that....