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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thailand Travels

I leave for Thailand in one week.  It's a very weird feeling.  Even though this is my job and I have been going back and forth to Thailand for years this will be the first time I have returned since we formally started the adoption process.  
I definitely feel like I will be seeing this country, that I love, in a very different light this time around.  I know that I will be more focused on learning about Thailand and not just enjoying Thailand.  I will be in Bangkok for 6 days and Chiang Rai for 5 days.

Top Five Things I Am Most Excited About:

1.) Being with the kids and staff at our home!  I miss everyone so much and can't wait to spend time with them and celebrate an early Christmas together.
2.) Thai Massage:  Best. Thing. Ever.
3.) Shopping at Jim Thompson.
4.) Visiting Doi Tung Royal Gardens - quite possibly the most beautiful place on earth.
5.) Street vendor food.

I will try to blog from Thailand but I'm not sure exactly how it will all work.  It will be a good test drive though for blogging whenever we actually get to meet our child!

 - Rosemary


Chris and Terri said...

Have a great trip! And just to let you know - although I have to blog about it, IT'S SNOWING HERE!!! LOL That's not normal!

Mireille said...

How great that you can often visit Thailand, all the things you mention are my favorites as well!! The street food just YUMMY. Do you know MIANG? These leaf-wrapped bundles with heat from fresh ginger and shallots, tartness from lime, saltiness from peanuts, and sweetness from toasted coconut and a jam-like sauce made from palm sugar, tamarind, and fish sauce. OH, how I wish I could go with you!

Kat said...


I am so jealous!!!!!! Have a great trip, please fill us in on everything you do! We will be following you, hoping your posts go through.


Journey to Shaun

Becca said...

I tried commenting a moment ago and got an error message - hopefully this won't show up twice!

I'm envious too!! Have a wonderful trip, and we'll look forward to reading your blogs from Thailand! I don't know if I told you this, but we took a trip to Thailand during the middle of our homestudy and definitely saw it in a different light. Little did we know, our daughter was born the day we flew back home. We were in Thailand when she was born!
Best Wishes!

Yoli said...

Rosemary this is fantastic. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Maci Miller said...

Oh, I love Jim Thompson! And boy, do I miss those weekly massages and incredible food! But seeing the kids and people there will the best of all, I bet. Have a wonderful time there. So wish I could sneak along in your suitcase!