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Monday, January 18, 2010

Painting the nursery

The nursery??

Oh yes, the nursery!

Well, yes, in case you were wondering, we have not forgotten, nor were we planning on putting Button to sleep in a drawer. Although there have been days when I worried that's what might happen. :-( We have been creeping along in our nursery preparations though and it seems as if it will be quite cute when all is said and done. For now, I will just share these poorly lit, badly taken, un-altered in any way, photos of us painting our son's room. It was originally a nasty pea-green color bequeathed to us by the last tenant. After two coats of heavy duty primer it is now: AQUA! More photos to follow soon.

Hurry home, Button, your room's all painted!


Jessica said...

We bought nursery paint this weekend. Unfortunately, it hasn't gotten on the walls yet. But we're getting there. What cute painters you all are!

Robin and Kyle said...

YAY! But what's wrong with pea green? ;) Kidding...

Ellie said...

Must see the finished product!!! Happy Homemaking! :)

Mireille said...

Another step closer.... can't wait to see pictures with Button in his room!! Love aqua!... and now I have to send you this gift that I have waiting for Button. As soon as I go next time to the USA... in 30-60 days I will send it to you... it is aqua, more I don't tell ;-)

Anonymous said...

congrats on starting your nursery,
very exciting times. Gem x

a Tonggu Momma said...

What's wrong with pea green? I mean, it hides so many baby fluids so well. Love the new color, though!

Matt and Tiffany McClain said...

Can't wait to see it!! I love Aqua for a little boys room!

Maci Miller said...

oooo! Can't wait to see it all done! Bet it is fabulous! Come on home, Button!