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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Diapering Debate

We are considering the cloth diaper option. At first I hated the idea of it because, well, it's more work. But then I started doing research (you all know how I love my research) and cloth diapers have come so far!

My only prior experiences with cloth diapers were tipping me toward disposables but Brian was leaning in the opposite direction. About 18 years ago, I dealt with a horrid family in our church nursery who used cloth and insisted that we not only change and empty the diaper but do the whole toilet dunk and rinse for them. I was a teenage nursery volunteer and the nastiness completely traumatized me. Then about 10 year ago, I nannied for a family that used cloth when that still meant the old giant pins and pre-folds and I stuck myself (and the baby) more times than I care to admit.

However, now we have all the amazing innovations of Fuzzi Bunz, Apple Cheeks, Bumkins, bumGenius, and many more. They are super cute, ecologically conscious, fiscally sound and touted to cure diaper rash. Hmmm... it's getting harder and harder to say no.

So I'd like to hear from you guys. Have any of you mom's used cloth and loved it? Hated it? Felt neutral about the experience? What kind of cloth do you use and what tips do you have for making them last through the night? What would you do differently next time when it comes to diapering your child?

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Wendy said...

When I adopted Becky 17 years ago there was NO WAY I was going to use disposable diapers. That lasted a year. The cloth diapers were fine as far as leaks were concerned (I used a diaper service to haul them off and launder them), but I ended up gradually switching over to disposable; they just seemed more handy.

I don't know if you know this but, Button may very well be potty trained by the time you bring him home. Thais potty train their children VERY young. They just sit them on the potty when the kids make "the face". Lily was not wearing diapers when we met her at 13 months old. In fact, she came to us with her own potty seat among her possessions! Mind you, I managed to screw her right up by putting diapers on her on the plane and undoing all her foster parents' work and re-training her was a bear. Anyway, the point is that an 18 month old child from Thailand is likely to be trained and may not need diapers!

rosemary said...

I did know that about early potty training in Thailand and we would LOVE IT if Button were already off diapers but our last update said no so we are doing our best to plan for that.

That is wild about Lily already being toilet trained at 13 months. Now that is young!!

Nichole and Craig said...

Hi Rosemary
When I was getting ready for Jaxin I had decided to go cloth diapers. I bought Happy Heiny's, Bum genius and Kushies.
I said no way was I using disposables and everyone knew that I was totally against them.

When Jaxin came home - everything changed.

We used cloth for about 2-3 weeks (kushies ultra were my favorite)
He was a very heavy wetter and I had to change him every hour or his skin would be soaked. I also could not deal with the extra laundry. I was barely functioning for the first 2 months of being home 8-)
Now we use disposables. I got rid of all the cloth and I feel like a burden was lifted off my shoulders. I wish it would have worked out for me but I guess everything doesn't always go as planned.
I don't want to put you off from trying them, I just wanted to give you my experience with them
Good luck with your decision

Kerrie (and Jason) said...

We've bought disposables. But since we bought most of them nearly 3 years ago now I am more worried they may not be useable now. I was told once that the 'absorbtion crystals' in them don't last forever. I am also crossing fingers our son or daughter will be potty trained already!

Robin and Kyle said...

I guess we're in the minority, but Kyle and I both love love love cloth diapers! We just use the old-fashioned cotton prefolds. No diaper pins needed- now there are these great things called snappis. We put the old nylon pants over the diapers. T was a bit of a heavy wetter, but that made us sure to change him as soon as he was wet. We also use "doublers" to help soak up any extra liquid. We're not in diapers during the day anymore, but at night we just use 2 diapers together and it keeps his jammies dry.
And as for the dunking, um yeah - WAY too gross. They sell a great little sprayer that you attach to your toilet water line. I have never had to dunk a diaper. Woo hoo!

(And T had also not worn diapers in Thailand, but he wasn't potty trained either. When he peed, he just peed, and the foster family cleaned the floor.)

Deena said...

We did bummies prefold liners and covers for June when she was a newborn and for the next size up we did Bum Genius and loved them! No extra pieces all in one, fantastic! However when it cam time for the next size up we couldn't afford the cost and now have paid that much and then some over time with disposables. Yes the cloth is sooo much better for their hineys and landfills but don't beat yourself up if you have a pile of dirty laundry and run to the store for a pack of pampers to ease your sanity. Happy mama, happy baby. Enjoy the journey. I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Matt and Tiffany McClain said...

I would say it is easier the older they get. But I did try it and maybe would have stuck to it if our little surprise, Reese, didn't turn up so soon. I would have more time to work with them. I think they have come a long way! I would try it, just get one or two first, to make sure you like it. It's more cost efficient in the long run. Take it from someone who spends $75 a month on diapers.

Maci Miller said...

Hey, Roses - I, too, was determined to use cloth diapers. Did all the homework and found Fuzzibunz, Happy Heineys, and Bum Genius to be the best. For whatever reason though, I never did order the Bum Genius. I loved the others though. Have to wash the diapers separately from other wash and have to do each diaper load twice - once in hot and the 2nd in cold. So it's a lot of wash. I started off fine and didn't even mind the extra work. They are soft and cute and I didn't mind changing her often so her little bum was dry. I even knew her timing and would slide a disposable on her when I knew poopy time was near. Worked out great...UNTIL we found out she had giardia. Whole other story! Unpredictable, smelly, etc. I ended up throwing 2 of the $30 diapers in the trash along with a couple pairs of pants! Now we use Natural Care biodegradable disposables (avail at Babies R Us) and while I feel a bit bad but life is definitely easier and less icky!!! Good luck whatever you decide! I have at least one clean (never used) fuzzi bunz I can send you.