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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mommy ponders

Lately, I've been thinking about Button even more than usual. Perhaps it's because we are getting closer and closer to meeting him or maybe it's because we know he's getting older everyday and that means he is becoming more of a little person with every moment. It reminds me of the song "Maybe" from Annie where she is singing about her missing parents and she says, "Betcha he reads, betcha she sews, maybe she's made me a closet of clothes! Maybe they're strict as straight as a line... Don't really care As long as they're mine!"

Well, you know, it's kind of like that... except in reverse.

I wonder if my son is left handed or right. Does he eat carrots or spit them out? Is Button afraid of the dark? Does our son love bathtime or is he one of those kids who hates it? I wonder if he is shy or a "never-met-a-stranger" type of kid. Is our son one of those boys who can't resist throwing each and every ball he sees? I wonder if Button loves to be read to. How many words can our son say? Does he suck his thumb? I wonder which of his biological parents Button looks more like. What does his laugh sound like? Most of all, I wonder when will we get to meet our son?

I lay awake at night thinking about these things but I know that, while discovering the answers will be so very special, they won't really change anything for us. Whoever Button is - he's already ours.



Yoli said...

Very sweet post. I can't wait until the three of you are united.n

Jessica said...

Sweet wonderings! Can't wait till you know the answer to all of this - and more. It's the laugh that I always wonder about.

chaniemom said...

It is fun to discover your child's likes and dislikes. And I'm discovering with our teen that her likes/dislikes can change all of a sudden, very quickly. She's still becoming more and more of the woman she'll be. It's fun to watch them emerge.

Chris and Terri said...

I'm looking forward to an announcement of travel approval from you guys! I bet it's just weeks away at this point!

Maci Miller said...

Oh, Rosemary, how much fun you will have discovering them all! Of course, some of them you will figure out (meaning likes and dislikes) and then he will promptly change his mind! LOL! But what joy awaits you! I can tell you firsthand now, for all the moments of his life you have missed, there are a zillion more amazing firsts and discoveries you will have with him and it is worth every second of the torturous wait!


Annie said...

Soon you will begin finding answers to all of those questions and what a wonderful day that will be!