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Brian and Rosemary

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Good Truck Lollypop

Last night I dreamed that Button came home. It was very odd because he was being delivered to us and we were not going to Thailand. The thing that was completely right though was how excited I felt! My dear friend and, once-upon-a-time-roommate, Tiffany was there with Brian and me and the three of us walked out onto the front lawn to wait for Button. I was so nervous and overwhelmed I thought I would die. We had my parents on speaker phone because they wanted to hear the whole thing since they weren't there and my mom kept screaming into the phone, "Is he there yet? Can you see him?"

Finally this hilarious, extremely tiny, 3 wheeled truck (like the kind they use in Europe) came racing around the corner going about 90 mph. The truck was completely covered with huge blue and pink fabric ribbons that were billowing in the wind like sails. I turned to Tiff and said, "My God, the good truck lollypop is delivering our baby." My mother was screaming through the phone, "Lollypop? Lollypop? Can you see Button? What's going on?" The tiny be-ribboned truck screached to a halt right in front of us and I dropped the phone and stared through the passenger side window at a beautiful little boy looking back at me solemnly.

I woke up sitting straight up in my bed at 4:30am with my heart pounding out of my chest about to die of excitement. The good feeling has lasted all morning. I think it was an omen. A happy omen. I truly believe my son is coming home soon.



Jessica said...

What a great vivid dream! Hoping and praying for you.

Chris and Terri said...

What a great dream!!! Hoping you hear soon! How are you? Are you getting ready?

Mireille said...

Oh Rosemary that is such a wonderful dream!! I hope you can hold on to this feeling for a long time! I am sure the real moment will be as magical as in your dreams!... even better :-)

Maci Miller said...

It's an omen! A sign! You are gonna go get him soon! Can't wait to see a pic of you 3 in Thailand together! I think of you often. Hope you are doing well. Call sometime when you can!

Annie said...

So Cool! Yes, I agree, that was a good luck dream! Imagine the ribbons as a celebration. The truck was speeding along, so I think that means a quick journey to Button!

Anonymous said...

I would love if he showed up in one of those. What an entrance.