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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Love In The Time of Color

I think one of my favorite social dynamics to observe are interracial couples. Here in our sweet little college town I see them all the time. I'm so happy to know that this generation coming up right behind me seems even more eager to forget race barriers. For me there is just something very full of hope and bravery about it. Perhaps it's because I grew up in a small town in the deep south where that was very much a "taboo". It was certainly something I never saw as a young child. I still remember the first interracial couple I ever met. One of my father's dear friends, a fellow minister, was a black man who married a white woman and in the social aftermath following it my parents had them over to dinner. My Dad sat us kids down before they arrived and said, "Remember not to act shocked when you meet his wife. She isn't the same color as him and that's ok. Jesus loves everybody and he wants us all to love each other."

The other day, I witnessed the sweetest, gentlest moment between a young Asian man and a beautiful black girl. They were walking through our pedestrian shopping center holding hands. He said something that made her tilt her head back and laugh. He stopped and touched her cheek in the most tender fashion and then he kissed her so sweetly that it made me want to cheer for him and good men everywhere. I wondered then what sort of lovely girl my son will bring home to us some day. I made a mental note to live my life in such a way that all my children know that no matter who they love their parents will welcome them. I don't want Button to ever feel he has to call home and say, "Mom, I met the most amazing girl but I just want you to know she's (insert race)." That sentence should never have to be uttered because Button should know that his parents don't care what color love is.



Jessica said...

I love play on words in the title (although I didn't like that book). And, what a great post. The times, they are a changing, and what a good thing that is sometimes!

kyungmee said...

Very nicely stated. Being a transracial adoptee(from Korea), growing up in a primarily Italian home and later married to a white jewish man:), I have thought about obviously race and race issues all my life and grow up in a house that once told me to marry 'white'. When I reminded my mother that I was Korean, she stated oh..yes that too. Here she had forgotten my color because she saw me as her own but yet, had seperated 'us' from 'others'and for a moment of my own race. How could I discriminate when I look at all I have gone through and 'all those' I have lived with and known..I believe 'race' is important to celebrate not to shame. I too, fo not want our children to feel they have to call with those words..thank you for your post!

Mireille said...

Amen! I so feel alike!

rosemary said...

Yea, Jess, I didn't enjoy the book very much either but I just couldn't resist the pun! ;-)

Thank you for sharing your story from your heart. It's very powerful!

Megan said...

So very well put, Rosemary! It is a great thought for all parents/children regardless of whether they are adopted.


ali said...

this post made my heart smile. I love seeing people that just love being in love. that was a lotta love.