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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dream Dust

As I'm sure every waiting parent can bear witness with, when you're in the middle of an adoption there are days when it just feels impossible to keep going. Other days, it seems as if faith swells up inside you and carries you to a place of peace. A gentle golden light assures you that you will become a family in exactly the right time, which is neither early nor late, but will arrive in simple perfection.

As a PAP, I'm doing my best (but frequently failing) to keep my mouth shut when the days are bad (oh so bad) and singing my thanks when the days are good. After all, I want to put something positive out there. I want to be as encouraging to others as they have been to me because I do truly feel that we are all in this together!

Today is a good day for me so I thought I would share something that has meant a great deal to me on this journey. It's one of my favorite poems written by a man who had a lot more to overcome than bureaucratic red tape, extending wait times, and incomplete fingerprints. Hailing from a mixed race family, he had to face ultimate racism during a dark time and still he wrote this:

"Gather out of star-dust
and splinters of hail,
one handful of dream dust
not for sale."
- Langston Hughes

This dream of a loving family for our child has been gathered out of many difficult moments, most especially for Button, but it is not for sale.

- Rosemary


Yoli said...

Rosemary what a beautiful post. Adoption is not an easy path and in many ways it is a lonely path. It it weren't for my online support, I know that time would have been even more unbearable. I did everything I could. From not thinking about it to totally obcessing about it. I had my good days and my bad days. When I felt like quitting, I imaged my child who derved me to be strong and to stay the course. He or she is waiting for you Rosemary. In the good and bad hours, think on that and peace will follow.

Kam said...

Just stumbled upon your blog tonight! We are adopting from Thailand as well! So glad to "meet" you and hope things go well for you! Love the dream below btw!

Jessica said...

This is lovely. You're exactly right, we have to buoy each other up. Thanks for doing that for me today. You, my friend, are a kindred spirit!

Mireille said...

The good and the bad makes it all worth while, it makes the picture more compleet, more rounded. And will help you for the times to come and be prepared what comes upon your way. Nobody can take your dreams away, so keep up dreaming the good dreams! Love to see you are back online again!
Love, M