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Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Dream

So I had a baby dream a couple of nights ago. It was one of those dreams that I feel only my fellow adoptive parents can fully appreciate. You know what I mean: weird yet kinda funny and probably not at all what pregnant women are dreaming about.

I was sitting in this giant auditorium jam-packed full of women. There wasn't a man in sight. Then a woman, dressed in a Jacki Kennedy pink suit and pill box hat, walked onto the stage and started talking into the microphone and everyone got so excited that they all started whispering amongst themselves. I became really panicky that I was missing important instructions. I wanted to stand up and scream, "Be Quiet! Don't you know what the social workers will do to us if we don't hear the rules?" But I was too anxious to say anything.

Suddenly a bunch of ladies, dressed in scrubs, stepped out from the wings of the stage - they were all carrying babies. The boy babies were dressed in blue and the girl babies were dressed in pink. The speaker started on the front row of the auditorium and began handing an infant to each woman. First a girl and then the next seat would get a boy. Then a girl then a boy. Everyone was crying and cooing and cheering! Today was the day we were getting babies!! But I couldn't relax I kept looking around for Brian and thinking how awful it was that he was missing this. Where were all the husbands? The baby-giver woman was getting closer when the lady seated next to me said, "Rosemary, look at the rotation. You can tell that when she gets to you you're going to get a girl!" When I looked up at the woman's face I realized, in that dreamlike way, that it was fellow blogger Yoli (who I have never seen) so I said, "But that can't be right. They told us to expect a boy."

Then the baby-giver handed me this tiny pink wrapped bundle and I just felt this sense of amazement like I've never before experienced. Holding my new daughter I turned to the person I just knew to be Yoli and said, "What should I do now?" and Yoli said, "Oh well, you want to get pre-paid college right away."

Adoption nerves? Table for one!
- Rosemary


Nichole and Craig said...

I have had almost the exact dream.
I was in a large room sitting there waiting, but I had no idea why I was there. Then all of a sudden they started calling out names and handing out children. I started freaking as my husband was not there and I didn't even have a camera. But in true dream fashion for me ... I woke before my name was called 8-)

Robin and Kyle said...

This made me laugh out loud!
Have you been reading those memoirs written by parents who have adopted from China? The scene almost reminds me of how they "hand out" the babies to groups of APs at hotels in China. =)

Maci Miller said...

LOL! I have had a lot of baby dreams myself. There was a time when I woke up every morning to another dream - some I couldn't make full sense of. I'd say maybe you might be getting a girl! Or yea, maybe it's just all the anticipation... and reading Yoli's blog a lot! haha. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!

Chris and Terri said...

I wonder if your daughter was born today... I have only had one dream about Mia - it was in November. I wish I had written down the date to see if it matched Mia's birthday.


Wyndee said...

That's too funny!!!!! No big handing-out babies ceremony, but you will be in a big waiting room before you go to your DSDW meeting. But by then you'll have your little one in your arms. :-)

Yoli said...

I am cracking up here, are you a witch?...LOLOLOL. I am so glad to be handing you your girl in your dreams. You know what is craking me up more? In my adoption planning I was constantly worrying about setting up a pre-paid college fund.

Melissa Ens said...

The pre-paid college thing cracks me up the most!!! Thanks for sharing your dream. : )

I'm glad to see you're blogging again! : )

Maia said...

Hey, how come Yoli never told us about the pre-paid college?? Where do we sign up??