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Monday, February 2, 2009

The Mantra

Well as you can all tell from my last post.  Life has had me a little crazy lately.  But I am trying to pull myself together.  I had a two day conference to attend all weekend but that's done now. Since Bri was at the hospital on call when I got home last night I just gave myself the evening off.  I laid on the couch, ate Thai food and watched a DVR episode of Private Practice.  Tay Diggs is my guilty pleasure!!

But this morning I'm feeling a little overwhelmed again with everything I need to do.  So I am reminded of the absolutely best Christmas present I got this year!  If you know me, or someone with my personality, then you will understand this immediately.  I'm a worrier, stress out about everything, insomniac, Type A personality who really needs calming people and places.  This is why my husband is my perfect person.  He is the most soothing man on earth.  Anyway, I digress - back to my Christmas present.  I received a lovely copy of this World War II British inspirational poster:

 This has become my new adoption/moving/working/life mantra. Plus, I absolutely love the design!  You can find them at Blue Ribbon General Store if you're interested.

- Rosemary


Maci Miller said...

Love it! Need one of those too for a reminder!
Hang in there. You will get it all done and it will all turn out just fine! It always does when we get out of the way of it. I have spent plenty of time stressing and worrying and it does nothing to help the situation. This doesn't mean I always remember that. LOL. Like you, I surround myself with a peaceful husband, beautiful books, and positive people. Just think how time will fly for you over these coming months!
Thanks for sharing the mantra! :-)

mKla said...

I just got this image of Brian as a warm cup of lemon chamomile tea and it was odd because it still looked like Brian, in the image in my mind

Maia said...

I like that design too.
Thanks for visiting my blog! Glad you enjoyed.
...and I love the song you're using for your blog - I haven't heard this one in ages, and I realize I've missed it.