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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Recently I've heard from at least three of my fellow pre-adoptive blogger moms that the waiting has them down right now. That's very understandable! It's a long and arduous process with a lot of ups and downs. I go through periods of great sadness and frustration myself. Fortunately, I'm feeling ok lately. Anyway, I thought I would share my "Top Ten" non-adoption related distractions for when I'm feeling blue. How about you guys? What are your favorite ways to kill time and raise your spirits?

- Rosemary

Overheard in New York - As a pedestrian city, which relies on mass transit, it is a constant reality that we will overhear perfect strangers saying the most hilarious and/or awful things. This is where we all share them with each other and laugh at the morons who are definitely not us or are friends.

Pioneer Woman - One of my favorite blogs about a very real family. I admire this mom of four for not constantly trying to make her children appear perfect. I cannot stand the mommy-competition that appears to have taken over gymboree classes and play dates. This lady just calls it like it is. Some days her kids are brats and she loves them anyway!

Wide Open Spaces - A fantastic design and life blog written by a fellow pre-adoptive mom in need of distraction!

Wow-O-Wow - A really interesting compilation website with political, humor, culture, opinion and fashion blogs written by ladies such as: Lilly Tomlin, Whoopi Goldberg, Peggy Noonan, Marlo Thomas, Jane Wagner and Candace Bergen.

Scary Duck - A british blog posting hilarious opinions, weird youtube stuff, and funny rumors about celebrities. Plus, it's just fun to read all that yummy British vocabulary.

The Sartorialist - A photography site dedicated to fantastic fashion seen on real people out on the very real streets. It makes me feel inspired and ashamed all at the same time.

Eat Local Challenge - One of my favorite locavore websites boasting tips, hints, clues, and outright directions about how to eat with joy and live with more accountability to our planet.

The Muffin - A blog about writing, fresh baked daily!

Simply Recipes - I love this cooking blog. She always shows great pictures and embraces every type of homemade food!

Cracked - Nothing but fun silly stuff to make you laugh.


Maci Miller said...

You are so great, creative, and witty...I always love to see what you will write about. I am okay - in fact, GOOD today. I will post soon so you know why. NO, not the big news but little tid-bits. Little tid-bits that make the wait much more bearable. I love Emily's Wide Open Spaces blog! She's a really great person and has wonderful ideas and finds on there!

My favorite distractions are:
*Creative or crafty projects or decorating
*Cooking (although that usually doesn't kick in until Spring for mewhen I have fresh herbs and veggies out back)
*Getting together with friends and family
*Going to the gym to burn off my frustration!
*Shopping (although we know all to well that I have to stop that more room! LOL!)

Thanks for the other great ideas. I will check them out later.

Emily said...

great list! so many new-to-me sites! and i feel REALLY honored to be on you top 10. thank you!!



Jessica said...

Thanks for the great list. I'll concur that Emily's blog is fabulous. But, I have to tell you, my blog habit is already bad enough without new enticing reads. Between Jen's shopping sites and your "distractions" - I'm in real trouble!

Yoli said...

Love that picture of you guys. Is that new? The short hair looks great on you. I am adopting again so I am also in the waiting game, the most annoying one, the paperwork one. However, I do have two lovely children so I am busy. How did I distract myself with my first adoption? Well, blogging really helped. Here are other things I did:

1. Re-decorate the house on a budget (non-existant) yes it can be done.

2. Took lots of pictures to make a book for my child of the things Mom and Dad were planning prior to her coming.

3. Bought a Mandarin language CD that I would play in my car constantly. My husband would not ride in my car.

4. I sponsored a child. Still do.

5. Shopped for clothes for my daughter. Could not help myself.

Things that I wish I had done instead:

1. Exercized

2. Not shopped for so many clothes.

Nah, forget about number 2. Shop on sisters!

Maia said...

Rosemary - our adoption blog is
It's open - no password necessary. Best!