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Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Christmas

We are leaving for Florida in the morning to spend some time with our family so we celebrated our Christmas today.  Ever since we were engaged, it has been our tradition to have our own private Christmas and I'm very grateful that we've made a big deal out of that.  Sometimes it can be hard to recognize that only two people (who are childless and whose relatives all live very far away) are still a family.  I think it can be especially hard for those two people. However, we've made joy out of this time and I know that even after our children arrive we will both look back on these years fondly.  

Before I describe our Christmas Day celebration I really need to put a disclaimer on this by saying: We are major "foodies."  The discussion of food, Food Network, restaurants, recipes and ingredients takes up a major part of our lives - don't hate us!  

We started our day off by sleeping late and having a big breakfast.  We always have pancakes (or puffed pancakes) because they are my favorite food in the whole world.  Then we opened our presents for each other.  I got an easy-to-operate camera, a watch and a fancy new apron!  Brian got a bunch of new clothes and books.  Finally, it was time for each of us to open our last gift.  It was then, in 2008's cheesiest couple moment of the year, we discovered we had both purchased each other the same locavore cookbook.  There is no need to mock - we already feel ashamed of ourselves.  

After that we made our Special Christmas Lunch, Oysters Rockefeller, and lay around enjoying our time together.  Then we started working on our Special Christmas Dinner: Chimay-braised short ribs with saffron risotto, manchego and garlic mashed potatoes, and panetone for dessert.  After dinner, we roll ourselves over to the couch and open stockings!  It truly is a fantastic way to spend a day together, especially if you're self-admitted, good food addicts who love cooking.  

How do you guys spend your Holidays?  Are you pre-children and doing something special as a couple or do you have a house-full of
little people to celebrate this year?  However your days come to you during this season I hope they are lovely and joyful!

- Rosemary

P.S.   I have to admit that I did buy two tiny, little presents for Baby even though he/she isn't with us this year.  I got the cutest penguin family in an airplane (all plush very soft) and some old fashioned stacking blocks. I had to buy something - it was Christmas!!  


Yoli said...

How delightful you will be in Florida. Well, enjoy the warm weather my friends. If you are down by Key Largo, by all means we would love to have dinner with you.

Maci Miller said...

Okay, how cute are the two of you? I love that you got the same cookbook for each other! Jeff & I try to do a special Christmas with just the two of us also, before the hussle and bustle and mad dash of houses. It's not always easy with the social schedule we are on (we have big families) but we always carve out a little special time just for us.

Hey we are foodies, too! I see a fab dinner in NY in our future!! You are too close for us not to get together. I'm glad you broke down and got something for your little one. Do be warned though...that's how I started! :-)

Have a wonderful holiday and great trip!

Anonymous said...

We were much the same as you two, just James and I for Christmas, we tried a Nigella Lawson Christmas meal and recipes as I had been given the DVD a few weeks earlier, it was great! Then we spent most of the meal discussing with excitement that this would be our last Christmas as a family for two and day dreaming about next Christmas. Gem x

jessica said...

I love Jamie Oliver. I wish I'd gotten his cookbook for Christmas!
What a cute story. Sounds like you are making the most of your quality time together. Nice. I got some presents for our Baby too. They are my favorite presents. I also got a toy airplane. ;) and an ergo from the holt classifieds. ;) Merry Christmas to you, dear friend.



mags said...

I love you guys. Only you two would be so in sync--buying the same gifts. That is awesome.

Love you and look forward to your return Ro!