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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lets go to the movies!

I love movies.  Love to watch them at home; love to go see them at the cinema.  However, nothing compares with seeing a movie in Thailand.  In my opinion, the Thai's have perfected the movie going experience!  

In smaller towns like Chiang Rai there is usually just the basic price option for viewing a movie (100 b).  This experience is similar to ours in America, with one notable exception.  At the beginning of every film they play a montage of The king accompanied by the Royal Anthem.  Everyone must stand up for this!  A very polite attendant will come and tell anyone sitting to stand immediately.  In larger cities a variety of viewing classes are available for a price.  You can choose from the Gold class, Emporer, VIP or Star seats (300-500b) which have various amenities such as: reclining seats, blankets, pillows, free popcorn and sodas, loveseat option, complimentary shoe removal and slippers, menu service during the movie.  If you really love going to the movies you honestly can't beat this treat!  Another fun thing is that you can have your popcorn flavored: butter, sweet, seaweed, bar-b-q, spicy, etc.

When "The Legend of Suriyothai" came out our girls at the home were all crazy to see the film! It was the most fantastic big budget movie that Thailand had made to date and it was all about a female protagonist.  We had a very kind donor who offered to pay for all our age-appropriate girls to see the movie.  That morning the staff each took turns waiting in line to buy the most tickets 1 person could buy - 10.  That night our vans rolled into the parking lot an hour early and we seated our girls right in the middle of the auditorium.  Most of them had never been in a cinema before.  They were so proud to stand with the rest of the audience when the king's montage aired.  They laughed so loud and oohed and aahed - so easily impressed at everything on the big screen.  When Suriyothai commits her final act of heroism on behalf of her country I looked around and all my girls were crying and holding hands.  It truly is a beautiful film and I recommend seeing it (especially if you have a Thai daughter) but even if it had been an awful movie I would always love it for reminding me of what it means to share something delightful with a child.

- Rosemary


Unknown said...

It's so true.....Thai's do have the perfect movie experience. I've been ruined. I'll have to put hat film on my list. I'll always be so grateful that you took me to a movie while we were there.

Mireille said...

The holding hands and sharing of emotions, is so Thai as well...I have a lot of fond memories of going to the movies while we were living in Thailand...

Maci Miller said...

OMG, I want to go now! In all my time there I never went to the movies. Can you believe it? I actually went with some friends once but it was during the Bkk film festival and was sold out. Little did I know what I was missing! I'm still missing those foot massages for $10 an hour after a long hot day of hiking around the city!

Can't wait to see that movie. Looks like we have a couple good movies coming up!

Yoli said...

How touching and beautiful this post. Happy holidays sweet friends.

nancy said...

Rosemary! It is so good to hear from you. I'm very excited that you will be in a place where I will get to see you with more frequency!

Julie said...

have just found this dvd in New zealand and having it delivered this weekend as a late Christmas present. Sound great
(found your blog through Jen & Jeff)

Julie said...

have just found this dvd in New zealand and having it delivered this weekend as a late Christmas present. Sound great
(found your blog through Jen & Jeff)