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Monday, April 19, 2010

Button Eats

One of Button's favorite words is eat! He says it in Thai "mum, mum, mum" and just recently he has proudly started shouting "EAT!" while motioning to his mouth. But the fact remains that no matter what language he is saying it in and, pretty much no matter what he is actually consuming, the boy loves his food!

Once we switched him from fortified formula to milk and then once we were able to cut him back to the recommended 16 to 24 oz of milk a day for a 19-month-old child instead of the 64 oz a day he was consuming when we met him he started eating like a linebacker. Button now takes a milk bottle (8 oz) with his afternoon nap and another when he goes to bed at night, and a mini-bottle (6 oz) when he wakes up at 5 am. Outside of his milk, which he still calls "nahm", what is Button eating though? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Mushrooms and peas are his favorite thing on earth, he also likes zuccini, avocado, brussels sprouts, squash, potatoes, and onions. He will NOT eat broccoli or carrots though.

He loves fish of all kinds! Fish and rice is probably his favorite meal. He will eat small bites of pork depending on how it's been cooked. He does not like chicken except fried chicken still on the bone. We suspect he just enjoys holding the chicken leg. He is not really a meat eater in general. He prefers rice, veggies and fish, which my friend Jutiporn says is a more typical diet for a small child in Thailand.

He loves almost all fruits. Papaya remains his favorite though. He loves bananas but he won't eat the large bananas available here in the US. I can't say that I blame him considering how much sweeter the little ones in Thailand are. However, if I can find the "baby bananas" that Dole sometimes offers he will eat those. He loves grapes, oranges, mango, raisins, watermelon, and pears. He does not like kiwi, apples or pineapple.

He loves to eat sandwiches probably because he can hold them himself. His favorites are tuna, egg salad or Morning Star Chick Patties Veggie substitute (meatless). He loves pasta dishes of all kinds as long as the sauce is simple and not too gloppy. For breakfast he usually eats oatmeal or grits and some fruit. His favorite snacks are: turkey sausage links, hard boiled eggs, fruit, crackers and hummus, nuts, peanut butter crackers, and cottage cheese. He does not care very much for most dairy though: real cheese and yogurt are no shows. We are trying to keep Button off sugar because, trust us, this kid does not need stimulants but we do let him have a little bread and jam after dinner. We were surprised to discover that Button loves breads of all varieties!

We haven't been eating out much but when we have he has loved the dumpling shop in town, the Himalayan Fusion buffet and, of course, our local Thai restaurant. We haven't yet ventured into any "American style" food offerings with him.

When it comes to food we have no complaints. Button is a champion eater - he will even eat our spinach lasagna. I have to admit though...we met our waterloo at eggplant.


April said...

wow!! he sounds like a rock star in the food department!
It's funny, Grace stopped eating Thai food completely while we traveled. Once she had fries and spaghetti in our hotel room she wouldn't touch all of the favorites her foster mom told us she had. When we got home it even took a while for her to eat rice and soup but she did after a while. I think it was a control thing for her while we were in Thailand.
Thanks for an update on your little guy!

Jessica said...

Wow! What a little foodie he is becoming already. It makes me laugh to picture him eating grits. Mainlny because grits is such a regional dish. I guess it's kind of like jok though, right?

Now you've got me hungry for jalapeno cheese grits!

rosemary said...


I know! it did strike me as odd the first time I made grits for him. But he loves them. I'm originally from Georgia and i could eat grits every day so if Daddy makes breakfast he gets oatmeal but if i make it he gets grits. I also make really amazing shrimp and grits for dinner and he LOVES that! He is a big shrimp fan.

Wendy said...

"Mum, Mum" was Lily's favorite word (high pitched tonal accent on the second "mum") when she came home from Thailand, and we used to joke that if we didn't watch her carefully enough all we'd find left of our three dogs would be bones in the corner of the house. I have to say, they certainly feed kids well in Thailand--especially those Holt kids! Lily came home chubby and a champion, eclectic eater. Sounds like Button is following suite.

Mireille said...

Wow, I am impressed that he even eats brussels sprouts, that is an acquired taste. I love it when kids eat well, are not picky or fussy!! My girls eat almost everything and I let them try everything at least a few times before they can say they don't like it!

Maci Miller said...

Hey, that is so great that he is eating like a champ! I'm impressed with the brussels sprouts as well. Ruby eats most any fruit or vegetable, but we haven't tried that one. (She's not a big fan of mushrooms or avocados though). It's so great to hear that he is doing well and healthy and eating healthy foods. Hurray to you for keeping him on on the good stuff!

Silver Strands said...

I'm also an adoptive parent ... my little guy just turned 17! They grow up so fast ... Button is darling!


mKla said...

He would love Hawaiian farmer's markets, as you know!

I am so glad to hear he's such a great eater, because it just does a Mama's heart good. Mainly, though, I just adore that photo of him!! :)