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Friday, March 5, 2010

Tales from Jetlag

We had a great day and I am now broadcasting live from the land of JETLAG. Brian is, of course, sound asleep. We managed to stay busy and awake until about 10pm in an effort to re-set our body clocks but I woke up at 3:30am anyway so here I am. At least it gives me time to blog!

When we arrived at the hotel our room wasn't ready yet because it was only 8am so we left our luggage with the concierge and went exploring. We are in a nice little area a few blocks from a subway stop and a small night market. There doesn't appear to be a lot of tourist action. After about an hour (and several wrong turns) we found our way back with a pretty thorough understanding of our surroundings. There is a 7-11 only a couple of blocks away which sells many helpful things for adoptive parent shoppers like poki sticks, diapers and juice.

Getting unpacked took forever because the whole thing was completely surreal. We kept placing toys and toddler clothes in drawers and then realizing that Button would actually wear these clothes in just a few days and play with these toys in this very room. So then we had to take a really long time deciding exactly which drawer we should put the toys and clothes in. The whole thing was ridiculous and hilarious so finally we just put our bathing suits on, grabbed our ipods and went to numb out by the pool.

After a swim and some sun therapy we got cleaned up and went in search of dinner. We found a lovely little open air Thai style restaurant called "Mali" just down the street where we were seated in quite possibly the world's smallest booth. Brian says he is still unfolding. Bri had the red beef curry and I ate vegetable tempura while we enjoyed the street scenes come to life around us.

After dinner we walked to the end of the street and discovered a little massage sign beckoning to us so we went in and enjoyed an hour long Thai massage in a couple's room. I don't know how they do all that bending and twisting but those treatments are perfect after the cramped plane ride. For everyone, who is about to make this trip and shy of getting one my recommendation is: just try it! Of course, that's my recommendation for everything, isn't it? Anyway, the massage shops on the street are always about 1/2 the price of the hotel spa's, they do a better job in my experience and I think tales of "misconduct" are highly exaggerated. Beside if a masseuse ever confuses the situation and offers something inappropriate one can use their car-date voice and say, "NO THANK YOU". I am a solid believer in the power of the firm car-date voice in all awkward situations.

The dining room doesn't open for another hour and a half so it looks like I'm going to be eating Button's poki sticks. Now I wish I hadn't been such a strict Mommy and insisted we forgo the chocolate covered poki in favor of the plain pretzel poki. First parenting lesson well learned!


Kerrie (and Jason) said...

love the 7-11's. We end up in them at least twice a day normally buying ice cream or milo in the UHT packs to store in the hotel fridge. Try a foot massage next - they are DIVINE!!!!

Wendy said...

If you're at the Amari...the breakfast buffet is really great!

Jessica said...

Umm, Pocky, I'm a big fan of the chocolate ones too. Hopefully the jetlag subsides soon!

Maci Miller said...

Your there! I am waiting on bated breath for the details of your first meeting with Button! Soooo excited for you! LOL about the pock things. I had the chocolate ones at the airport in Japan and they were pretty darn good! But then, I like anything with chocolate.:-)

Jason Yutzie said...

Jason and I will arrive there late tonight (Saturday). We are going to stay two nights there then venture off for two weeks then return when it's our turn! Maybe we will see you guys there!

Unknown said...

so jealous of your Thai massage!!!..... I have to agree with Rosemary...get one!! And if you are a little hesitant, they do an hour long foot massage too while you lay out in a leather recliner under a blanket and since they use reflexology, you feel like you had a full body one.....warning: a Swedish massage will feel like a joke and waste of money after you experience a Thai one.

Rosie, I'm assuming you are not anywhere near where we stayed in Bangkok.... Can't wait to hear all about it!!

Chris and Terri said...

Just hours away from your baby! So excited and so jealous of that massage!

Robin and Kyle said...

This made me laugh at loud several times. Thanks for all the tips about the neighborhood around the hotel. I'm getting goose bumps!