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Monday, July 6, 2009

Who Are You?

This morning I was thinking about our Button and wondering who he is. What sort of little boy is he? What amazing genetic traits is he carrying passed, from a long line of ancestors, into his person through his biological parents? When we meet him will we find that his temperament is similar to Brian or me? Or will we find that he is a brand new personality that our family has never had before? Is he an athlete (that would be something new for sure) or is he an artist? I can hardly wait to find out! I love the surprise inherit in this part of the adoption process. If we were expecting a biological child, no matter how hard we tried, we probably wouldn't be able to resist putting some kind of expectation on this child we made. We might expect it to be as smart as Brian or as funny as me or just gosh-darned gorgeous because my grandmother was a real knock-out back in her day. We all know we're not supposed to do that to kids but the impulse is so strong!

I'm truly excited about the opportunity that adoption affords us to simply see our child as a whole person growing stronger every day. No labels no expectations. I don't know who our Button is meant to be but whoever that person is I believe in him. I believe in all his dreams, all his passions and all his struggles because they are his to own. He doesn't have to be similar or dissimilar to anyone I have ever known in order to be understood. He is an individual in a million tiny ways and he is my son. I can't wait to get to know him.



Yoli said...

Is button going to be a "he"? Is there something you mean to tell us? ;)

Ellie said...

Awww, Rosemary! That gave me goose bumps!! So sweet! He is loved so very much already!!

Jessica said...

That wondering and excited curiosity is such a fun part of the process. Watching and waiting to learn who this little person will be and turn out to be. How beautifully you've expressed it.

a Tonggu Momma said...

It has been the most challenging and amazing process to get to know my daughter as the person she is. Did I expect her extroverted, no-holds-barred little self? Umm... no. Do I adore her even as I sometimes shake my head in chagrin and/or embarrassment? Absolutely!

blackbelt said...

This is another one of your perceptive and touching posts. Being freed of genetic expectations is another gift of adoption. I can really see by Boo and Who He Is.

Megan said...

So very well said, Rosemary! It is an incredible thing to experience. I can't wait till your Button is home for you to get to know him!


Maci Miller said...

Very cool. Beautiful post! I think you are gonna be such a great Momma! I have to admit after already watching Ruby's video like 100 times, I have thought oh, she looks like she likes this or that or oh, I bet she is girlie or will like music or be stubborn or whatever. It's hard not to day dream about how our kids will be or have some expectations, but the real deal is it doesn't matter what they are like or not like. We will love them (already do!) for the beautiful individual that they are. You hit it on the head with all of it really, but especially the last paragraph.