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Monday, March 9, 2009

Shop Like A Pro!

In one week we are going house-hunting in VA. and in slightly more than 2 months we are moving. This is all very exciting! Who doesn't love the thrill of moving to a new town and discovering fun new shops and restaurants? The uncertainty of finding fresh places to get involved and meeting new people! OK - lots of people don't like it but I'm not one of them. I'm almost always good for the road. The life unlived and all that stuff...

However, you may be asking yourself "What does that have to do with shopping?". Well, the deal was that I would restrain myself and not buy a bunch of stuff for our child which we would then only have to box up and move cross country. Needless to say it was Brian's idea because I would have loaded every last rattle and bib into a covered wagon and defended it from Indian raids if need be just so I could start shopping now.

Anyway, poor old Brian is about to be in some serious trouble because I have been doing research for almost 18 months now and as soon as that moving van pulls out of the driveway I will consider myself to have a a sealed, signed and stamped license to Baby Shop. It's sad to see a man buried alive by his own words like this. ;-0

I am a savvy shopper though and I love nothing better than a SALE! The trick though is finding what you want, from the stores you want before it's all gone. Well, about a year ago, my dear friend Michaela sent me the coolest little invention ever and just in case all of my fellow baby shoppers were not yet aware I thought I would share the glory of:

Shop It To Me is a "sale searcher sight" that allows you to choose the stores you frequent most! They also allow you to change your stores as often as you want. So for instance, I have been receiving sale updates on Women's Fashion for the past 6 months because of Brian's heartbreaking moratorium on baby shopping but as soon as we get moved I will broaden my updates to include baby stores. Then after we get our referral I can go even further and tell it to update me when "little girls" or "little boys" items are on sale.

When you get your "shop it to me salemail" updates they will show you pictures of the sale item, tell you the store, it's original price and sale price and give you a link to get more info or buy online if you prefer. I got the most fabulous pair of in-season green corduroys for $15 just because this service alerted me that they were going on a crazy 1 day sale. I tell you it's genius! I can't wait to see what they do to all that ridiculously overpriced kids wear. Brian is hoping against hope they can do BIG things!

Happy shopping!
- Rosemary


Yoli said...

Woman you are my GODDESS! LOL. This is perfect for me. I also love travel and change more than anyone I know, except for you, so I found a kindred soul!

Unknown said...

I'm so excited for you. I love new towns and new restaurants......but I have to say, I'm more excited for the baby stuff. I wish we were in the same town so I could be a bad, another pair of arms to carry shopping bags.

Chris and Terri said...

Oh MY! How exciting - I'm signed up and ready to save! and spend heehee. Good luck on the house hunting! I have never moved away but hope to someday and plan to dive in when we finally do!

blackbelt said...

I love the covered wagon part! LOL! I can picture you in a bonnet, dirt streaked on your forhead "You're not getting my babyGap!!"

I am an avid yardsaler/thrifter. I'm going to have a post soon on "How To..."

Jessica said...

Genius! Didn't know about this one. Thanks and happy packing.

Maci Miller said...

Brilliant! I'm on it! Good luck packing and with the move. Maybe we can meet in NY before you head to VA?? But be warned... I can and will be a bad influence if we go shopping! :-)

mKla said...

I'm excited about house-hunting and moving, too! You guys are going to love living in VA so much; I know it. (Thanks for the shout)

Matt and Tiffany McClain said...

Yay!! I will baby shop with you! I LOVE it even more than I like shopping for myself. Just'll see what I'm talking about. How long are you going to be in VA?? We are so excited that ya'll will only be about 2 1/2 hours away.

Mireille said...

Wow, this is one I didn't know about Rosemary. I love these tips, although I can't do any shopping in the US anymore, unless I am there, and that will be 4 weeks in July!! Yippee!!