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Friday, January 2, 2009

Buddha's Lost Children

So here I am making a post all by myself while Rosemary's gone.  I'm watching the Cotton Bowl on TV, missing my wife but happy she's doing such good work and getting to enjoy Thailand.  I've got a movie sitting here that we're waiting to watch until she comes home next week.  We first heard about it from Jen of Jen and Jeff's Baby Blog, and ordered it online.  It's called Buddha's Lost Children, and is the story of a monk in Thailand's Golden Triangle, in the rural north, who has devoted himself to the children of the impoverished region.  This is an area, which includes Chiang Rai where Rosemary is now, known for its nebulous borders, nomadic peoples, and drug trade.  People here are far from any country's government, and many of the Hill Tribes are officially considered people without a nationality.  This monk travels around the remote villages of the area on horseback, and brings many orphaned and destitute boys to his Golden Horse Temple, where he trains them in the disciplines of Buddhist monasticism and Muay Thai boxing.  We're really looking forward to watching it, and will publish a review when we do.  I just thought it'd be a good movie to spread some knowledge about.  Hope everybody is having a great new year so far.


PS: Below is the trailer from YouTube:


Maci Miller said...

Hi, Brian! So glad you got it, too! We just watched it last night and it was very good! Hope Rosemary will be back home with you soon!

All the best,

Powell Hall said...

lovely thanks for receommendation. we have just adopted from Thailand