We designed this site in order to keep in touch with friends and family who are far away and in order to communicate with other adoptive families from around the world.

When we first started researching this wonderful way to become a family we read everything we could get our hands on. Even though there are a lot of great books out there, nothing was as informative or touching as the blogs we found by adoptees, biological parents, and adoptive families. So we are writing this blog now in hopes of returning the favor. We hope that if you are dear to us you will enjoy keeping up with our adventures. If you are someone out there involved in a part of the adoption triad we hope you will find information and comfort here and provide us with some of your own!

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Brian and Rosemary

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Top 10 List

Whenever we tell people we're adopting we always get the same basic questions. Almost all adoptive families have had similar experiences. So in case any of you, our favorite people (and internet strangers), are also curious, here are the top ten questions and answers of our adoption so far:

1.) Why are you adopting? Don't you want kids of your own?
Answer on a good day: Pregnancy isn't safe for Rosemary's health so we are really excited to be having kids of our own through adoption.
Answer on a bad day: That's personal. Our kids will be our own they just won't be biological children.

2.) Where are you adopting from?
Thailand. It's a beautiful country with a wonderful culture and heritage. Our whole family has had a personal connection to the country for many years and we felt we could easily and joyfully incorporate elements of Thai culture into our family's life.

3.) Are you adopting a boy or a girl?
We did not specify a preference. Whatever baby the Lord gives us will be our perfect child. Our agency has told us that more boys are available for adoption and that we are likely to have a son! We will be thrilled with either. We are also available to accept a sibling unit or twins. Rosemary wants twins!

4.) When will you bring the baby home?
Our agency has told us to expect a referral around December 2009. Once we receive that we will probably go to pick up our child about six months later.

5.) How long will you be in Thailand?
About two weeks.

6.) How old will your child be when you meet them?
Probably anywhere from 8 months to 18 months old.

7.) What information do you get in the referral?
The referral is when our agency lets us know that we have been chosen for a child. They will give us our child's sex, name, age, medical information, family history available and a few pictures.

8.) Where is your child until you bring them home?
Our agency provides specially trained, loving, foster care families in Thailand. This is an answer to prayer because it will keep our child out of an institutional setting where he/she might receive less one on one attention.

9.) Why does adoption take so long?
Short answer: We don't really know.
Long answer: Paperwork has to be processed first in our state, then by our federal government, then by our agency, then shipped to Thailand - translated - and processed by the Thai government. Meanwhile, our baby has to be declared officially freed for international adoption. If you have ever dealt with a bureaucracy you can imagine how long all of that takes.

10.) How much is your adoption costing?
Adoption is relatively expensive. If you are interested in adopting and would like further information please email us and we will be happy to give you several helpful contacts. If you are not adopting and are merely curious then please email us with your annual salary, monthly mortgage payments, car note, and total credit card debt. We'll get back to you. ;-)

- Brian and Rosemary


Unknown said...

Brian and Rosemary,

I think it's wonderful you're adopting a baby. I'm looking forward to meeting you Rosemary and the baby both. Someday we can welcome you both into our family formally. That is, when your husband finally brings you back home to meet his family.

Aunt Punkin

Emily said...

I am so excited that we are near each other on "the list". I'm excited to get to share this journey together - Godspeed your baby home to you! love, Emily